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simply unique in the world !

Why choosing Tarifa ?

Tarifa is not only the European Mecca of the wind its also a lovely place to visit. With family, friends, or on a solo adventure you will find many activities.

Walking through the charming streets of the white old city, discover this lovely secret court, many good  tapas restaurants and street musicians. Tarifa is in the heart of Andalusia which gives this little town an unforgettable personality !!

And especially Tarifa can be proud of being one of the best kite spots in the World !

Tarifa’s location is on the Straits of Gibraltar, at the meeting point of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, meaning it’s home to a unique range of sea life. You can swim with the fishes, watch the whales and dive amongst ancient wrecks. On the dry land, you can enjoy the wild sandy beach looking straight to Africa, the dunes,  walking or climbing through the mountains, or even horse riding on the beach at sunset.

We can also recommend you many extra activities such as :

  • Yoga & Pilates
  • beach horse riding
  • City drinks
  • Food discovering
  • Whale watching
  • A day in Morocco
  • and many more !

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